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The AES district has a total of 286 schools; public and private. As expected, primary schools dominate the educational facilities, followed by nursery and Junior Secondary Schools (JSS). There are however, only four senior secondary schools in the district. The district has 6 educational circuits namely Awutu, Bawjiase, Bontrase, Senya, Winneba and Ofankor.

The district has 101 Pre-schools (Nursery and Kindergarten) of both public and private ownership. The private pre-schools are located at Kasoa, Senya, Winneba and Ofankor. The girl-child enrollment is 51% of the total pre-school enrollment which is consistent with the total female-male ratio of the district. In the public pre-school sector, the teacher-pupil ratio of 33:1 is below the national ratio of 35.1.

Junior and Senior Secondary Schools
The Awutu Effutu Senya District has 60 Junior Secondary Schools with a total enrollment of 8817 students of which 53.5% are males. There are 435 teachers; 345 trained teachers and 89 pupil teachers. With the S.S.S, Winneba Secondary has 1348 students, Senya Secondary, 200 and Obrachire Sec/Tech has 700 students.

The Main Problems Facing The Schools In The Districts are:

  • Inadequate furniture and classrooms for some schools
  • Lack of good accommodations for teachers in both urban and rural areas
  • Poor parental control
  • Lack of interest in educating children (by parents)
  • Inadequate text books and educational materials for primary and J.S.S
  • Most of the S.S.S lack boarding and hostel facilities
  • Lack of libraries in most primary schools and J.S.S
  • Lack of toilet facilities in most basic schools and some senior secondary schools

University Education
The district can boast of one university; University of Education, Winneba, which came into existence with the amalgamation of a number of specialized institutions namely the Specialist Training College (STC), the Advanced Teacher Training College (ATTC), the National Academy of Music (NAM), all located in Winneba, the School of Ghana Languages at Ajumako, the college of Specialised Education at Mampong-Akwapim, the St Andrews Agricultural Training College at Mampong-Ashanti, and the Kumasi Advanced Teacher Training College.

The Ghana National Sports College is located in Winneba. The college runs courses in all sports disciplines leading to the award of diploma certificates. Students are sponsored from institutions like the Armed forces, Police, Football Clubs, Educational Institutions from within and outside the country.

The college currently has a football academy from which graduates join top soccer clubs in the country and outside. It is popular due to its congenial camping facilities which attract national teams and other clubs preparing for national and international assignments.