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Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics and Beyond is a free, online course first offered March 2013, as part of the launch of the School of Open. It runs for six weeks; it was offered three times in 2013, and again in 2014, with support from the University of Mississippi. We use the hashtag "#WIKISOO".

The main course page is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:WIKISOO

We use WikiEducator for planning and notes relevant to instructors -- this page, and those linked in yellow below.

Schedule and session notes

Video Course page Instructor notes title assignment(s)
[1] Notes 1 Wikipedia under the hood Note: the "notes" link for this session is more up to date than the later ones.
[2] Notes 2 Who am I to edit Wikipedia? /main assignment
[3] Notes 3 (1) What is quality? (2) Is there anybody out there? /interview assignment
[4] Notes 4 The deep dive. Roundtable discussion with OER expert and Wikipedian.
[5] Notes 5 Build it bigger: How to build up an article on a smaller topic. Roundtable discussion with Wikipedians.
[6] Notes 6 The takeaway and student showcase None. You're done!

Old notes