Writing Wikipedia Articles/Week 2

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Student version of this page (simplified)

Who am I to edit Wikipedia? Expertise, credentials, anonymity, privacy, conflicts of interest. Introduce /main assignment.

Suggested readings/viewings

SFB says: moved this to homework


  • Welcome and review of previous session
  • Review homework, take questions, look at student work
  • Tour of an article that demonstrates a contributor with limited expertise building valuable content
  • Tour of an article/talk page demonstrating good behavior while under a conflict of interest
  • Tour of an article/talk page demonstrating bad COI behavior
  • Tour of the Manual of Style and the Featured Article review process
  • Suggest that people start thinking about what articles they want to work on. Tell people where to add ideas. <--SFB says, on their user or talk page IMO - put into P2PU


Extra credit (for those already comfortable editing): Look at the OER content page and/or OER article itself; review it/them [vid], discuss on Talk page [vid], or email thoughts to us privately.

Editing session

Work through the on-wiki homework tasks; address other editing questions. Or just edit Wikipedia.