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  1. introduction: where to begin? pete’s standard talk
  2. am I the right person? yes, conflict of interest; I am not an expert
  3. wiki syntax and other techie stuff
  4. neutral point of view; references
  5. how wikipedia is organized = what should I work on? = CommOER itself
Who is target audience?
Divide class into sections
Figure out archiving
Create a page for class suggestions
Wiki markup tools
Teaser video example: take a stub and make it longer to show people how easy it is to edit wikipedia - pete and columbia river, sara and typos - all you have to do is care about something and want to share what you know
pick an article
homework one: create a 10-q form based on old one asking
wiki expert? - Victoria
oer expert? - Ed
has COI? - Colin
topics see explored?


know wiki markup

have conflict of interest issues

have “expert” issues

  1. oer and wiki expert w conflict of interest issues
  2. oer expert, wiki user who doesnt think they should edit oer articles
  3. no wiki experience
  4. some wiki experience

Course Components

  • Introduce a concept or policy
  • Dig into the specifics (example: neutrality, with specific cases, not nec OER)
  • Tips and tricks
  • Use polling, Q/A to select article(s) to work on
  • Readings
  • Tasks: organic, e.g. continue article from webinar
Lab/Office Hours


SOO brainstorm #1

WEBINAR 1: Writing Wikipedia Articles/Week 1

Homework: Add user account


  1. what is good content?
  2. here’s a challenge: e.g. get OER congress into OER article