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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Understand chat room protocols

Chat room protocols

Here are a few chat-specific protocols to make chats go more smoothly.

  • ... (ellipses) - at the end of a line indicated that the speaker is still talking and so should not be interrupted
  • GA (go ahead) - means speaker is finished. Can be followed by a name, eg GA Karen, to indicate who should take the floor
  • [bla bla bla] - square brackets means an interruption for notification (ie we only have 5 more minutes) but not content
  • Facilitator will use CAPITALISATION to change the topic
  • ? at beginning of sentence to indicate you have a question for speaker
  • use the @ symbol to respond to someone, eg "@Chris, I think you make a valid point there". This can be useful when several discussion threads are happening at the same time.