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Week 1: Tools

Activity: Content Management Systems

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Assessed Activity 1.1 (2016) Content Management Systems [3 marks]

In EITOnline join the ITWD5.320 course page and familiarize yourself with the layout and how the subjects are laid out.

  1. Navigate to the 2016 Class Participant introductions/ mihimihi forum in the Welcome/Whakatu Center in EITOnline
    • Add a New Topic with Your Name as the heading
    • Add academic background (Qualification), something about you and your interests
    • See if you can add a photo (or avatar) please keep the images small
  2. Open the Theory Workbook, and answer the following questions:
    • What file format is the Theory Workbook in?

    • List 2 improper uses of EIT's Internet.

    • What has superseded SSL ?

Google ecosystem

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Assessed Activity 1.2 (2016) Google ecosystem [2 marks]
  • If you haven't already got a Google account, create one.
  • In Google drive create a folder called 2016ITWD_YourName (obviously replace your name!!)
    • Share the drive with "anyone who has a link" ( you need to click on the "Advanced" link)
    • Add the link to the Google Drive link in EITOnline
  • In your shared drive create a google document called itwdActivity1, and put into it the answers to activity 1.1

Student mail

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Assessed Activity 1.3 (2016) email [4 marks]
  • Student mail
    • Login to your student mail account; there is a shortcut on your desktop or in your browser.
    • In your Google document itwdActivity1 write the instructions on how to send an email from your student account to your gmail account with an attachment (This is something that a Help-desk operator may need to do).
    • Set up the email so that you will receive emails from EITOnline in your normal email account ( Administration > My Profile settings )
  • Temporary 10 Minute Email ( )
    • Have you ever needed a temporary email address? Maybe for a coupon code for a one-time purchase when they require your email address. (Then they fill your inbox with unwanted offers and other advertising). Or, maybe just to test your own email setup is working ok. With 10 Minute Mail you get a temporary email address that lasts for 10 minutes or you can keep adding another 10 minutes if the email you are expecting is late.
    • When you arrive at the site you’ll be automatically loaded into your mailbox - there’s no registration. Copy the e-mail address they’ve provided for you and use it. If you need to check an e-mail for whatever you signed up for it will come directly to the page you’re on, in the message section near the bottom of the page.
    • Activity: Create a 10 minute email. From your normal email account send an email to the 10 minute one. Then reply in the 10 minute email!

Social Media

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Assessed Activity 1.4 (2016) Social Media [1 mark]
  1. Join the BCS Facebook page (for EIT students this is EIT School of Computing )
  2. Optional activity
    • Create a twitter account (if you don't already have one) and send a tweet to hashtag #itwd5320 (Normally if you have something to contribute to the class could you use the hash tag #vmvwiki )

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