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Google ecosystem

There are many companies offering cloud based services, where all of your programs and data are stored on a server connected to the Internet. These include

  • Microsoft (Live, Office 365, OneDrive )
  • Google (gMail, Google Documents, Google Drive)
  • Apple (iCloud , Apps, iDrive)

In this activity you will begin to set up a Google cloud based eco-system (if you haven't already)

Google ecosystem

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Assessed Activity 1.2 (2016) Google ecosystem [2 marks]
  • If you haven't already got a Google account, create one.
  • In Google drive create a folder called 2016ITWD_YourName (obviously replace your name!!)
    • Share the drive with "anyone who has a link" ( you need to click on the "Advanced" link)
    • Add the link to the Google Drive link in EITOnline
  • In your shared drive create a google document called itwdActivity1, and put into it the answers to activity 1.1

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