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Activity: Content Management Systems

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Assessed Activity 1.1 (2016) Content Management Systems [3 marks]

In EITOnline join the ITWD5.320 course page and familiarize yourself with the layout and how the subjects are laid out.

  1. Navigate to the 2016 Class Participant introductions/ mihimihi forum in the Welcome/Whakatu Center in EITOnline
    • Add a New Topic with Your Name as the heading
    • Add academic background (Qualification), something about you and your interests
    • See if you can add a photo (or avatar) please keep the images small
  2. Open the Theory Workbook, and answer the following questions:
    • What file format is the Theory Workbook in?

    • List 2 improper uses of EIT's Internet.

    • What has superseded SSL ?