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Amazing objectives

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Create a basic shape tween.

How to Make a Simple Shape Tween

  • Create a new Flash AS3 file
  • Draw a rectangle on the Stage
  • Insert a keyframe in Frame 50
  • Insert a keyframe in Frame 25.


  • Select Frame 25 in the Timeline
  • Deselect the rectangle by clicking elsewhere on the stage off the rectangle
  • Bring the cursor pointer close to the edge of the rectangle until the cursor changes to a curved-tail pointer – i.e. pointer with a ).
  • Click and drag the edge of the rectangle in or out.
  • Do this a few more times until you like the shape you’ve created.


  • Set shape tweening for the two spans:
    • Click Frame 1,
    • Hold Shift,
    • Click Frame 50. This selects all the frames.
  • Now choose Insert, Shape Tween, or right-click on the selected timeline, and choose Create Shape Tween.


  • Select Control, Test Movie (or press Ctrl+Enter) to see your shape morph.