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Effective online teaching involves an mix of approaches and strategies because there is no one approach that suits all situations. Effective pedagogy will support intellectual growth, engagement and networking. It will recognise different ways of learning and the needs of students.

Instructional design is the process of structuring learning content and activities during the process of course design, in a way that maximises the effectiveness of the learning and supports the students. Instructional designers work with subject matter experts to identify what students need to learn, shape the content and activities to match learning objectives and create multimedia to support the learning. Instructional designers need to be aware of learning theories and pedagogies as well as being adept in the use of a wide range of educational design and development tools.

During this weeks interactive tutorial we will look at instructional design models and apply one of these models (or a combination of) to plan a learning experience.

This weeks practical session will be devoted to completing the design and evaluating your planned learning activity.

Presentation from class 31 March 2014


Many of us would probably agree that the best way of learning often comes from the experiential way of learning, and learning should be fun for students as well as teachers. I would like to have a discussion with you on what are the interesting or experiential way of "teaching" or "facilitating" the learning of learning theory for example:

  • behaviorism of way of learning
  • cognitive way of learning
  • constructivism of way of learning
  • other way of learning like service based of learning
  • collaboration way of learning
  • inquiry based learning

Steve Wheeler of the University of Plymouth explores the concept of new learning forms that don’t simply place old forms on new digital platforms, but reconsider those forms.Key among the ideas given is personalized learning via the Just in time, Just enough, Just for me admonishment, a vision nearly impossible without a fully engaged community, smart application of technology, or both.

  1. Distributed Learning
  2. Enhanced Mobile Technology
  3. Collaborative Intelligent Filtering
  4. 3D Visualization and Interaction


Learning Theories

2014 Theories of Learning - Infographic
2013 Learning theory map (Retrieved 2013) - A amazing map showing a large range of Learning Theories with key concepts, learning paradigms, theorists and scientific disciplines.
2013 Bloom: A Good Visual On Bloom's Revised Taxonomy of Learning
2014 Blooms taxonomy apps
Te Kete Ipurangi - The online knowledge basket - is a NZ MOE initiative that provides a great selection of resources and information for educators. Amongst the downloadable resources is a quick overview of Learning Theories.
This document covers the basic theories as mentioned in the list above.

Course Design/Instructional Design

Project Management

Pedagogy in Technology for Learning

Blended Learning resources

Learning in Virtual Environments

  • Learning in Virtual Worlds - Free Download
    • Three-dimensional (3D) immersive virtual worlds have been touted as being capable of facilitating highly interactive, engaging, multimodal learning experiences. Much of the evidence gathered to support these claims has been anecdotal but the potential that these environments hold to solve traditional problems in online and technology-mediated education—primarily learner isolation and student disengagement—has resulted in considerable investments in virtual world platforms like Second Life, OpenSimulator, and Open Wonderland by both professors and institutions.
    • In this authoritative collection, a team of international experts outline the emerging trends and developments in the use of 3D virtual worlds for teaching and learning.
    • Free PDF download available at:


  • Echo360 ( )- Active Learning support system
    • Lecture capture, Instructional content management system, quizzes, polls, discussion forum plus analytics.

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