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The 21st Century world

History of Learning

A very good history of Learning theories is presented in the following video.

5000 Year Timeline of Learning Theories (McPheeters, 2010)[1]

Ubiquitous learning

Ten Trends 2013: Ubiquitous learning (Osborne, 2013)[2]

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VmvIcon Assessed Activity.png
Assessed Activity 1.1 (2016) Learning theories video

The video suggests the use of digital learning technologies allows for individualised and ubiquitous learning. In your blog and using at least two references explain what is meant by this.

  • Source: Learning

Learning modes

  • Directed (objectivist)
    • Individual
      • Lecture
  • Constructed
    • Apprentice
      • On the job training
    • Group
      • Case Study
      • MOOC (massive open online courses)..
Ahmed Yousef (2013) MOOC ecosystem

Learning trends

Learning styles

There is a strong debate as to whether we have a preferred learning style. One school of thought believes different approaches are necessary for different learning situations and that learning style theory is nonsense!.

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Assessed Activity 1.2 (2016) Learning styles

In you blog

  1. Explain what the acronym VAKOG stands for?
  2. As a follow up, what does the acronym NLP stand for and using at least two references explain how NLP and VAKOG are related?
  3. Briefly summarise the learning style debate.
  • Source: Learning

What is your preferred learning style?

Having some self-awareness of your study habits and learning styles is important regardless of whether you are studying online or in classroom-based courses. Try this online quiz from VARK to find out more about your personal learning style.

Learning style debate

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