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Before we consider the whole topic of Digital Learning Technologies it is useful to understand how we arrived at this point, what we mean by digital learning technologies and some of the challenges we will need to face.

So what do people think of teaching and learning and education? Here is a list of some inspirational quotes and educational quotes

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: Learning to learn 101

Why are you doing the course? Have a look at my blog post that I hope will help you to focus on your learning. Add a comment if you would like to

21st Century Teaching & Learning

Some think of 21st Century learning as just technology, however it encompasses all facets of student learning. Technology is an enabler or tool that assists. The 21st Century learner is a 20th C learner with add-ons (upsized!)

Features of 21 Century Teaching

  • Traditionally - text book based, slow, library based books
  • New - Forums, wikipedia (includes authenticity issues)
  • Problems with us - students can know - or quickly find out - more than we know - while we are teaching!
  • Global (e.g. When asked a question some female Asian students will turn to their neighbour discuss the question, and may feed answer back. See Global Flow of Tertiary-Level Students (2012)[1]
  • Need to be activity based and have lots of variety
  • Need to give student skills to search and filter information
  • Need to be interactive with students

.. and from the past

  • Go to slideshare and look up presentations on John Dewey


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