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Assessed Activity WS2.2 (2016) Wikieducator

Note: In order to manage spam attacks WikiEducator will often ask for a validation question AFTER you click save. Check at the top of the screen to make sure that question is answered, then check on the page to see that your edit has been successfully made.

  1. In WikiEducator Create an Account
  2. From the Digital Learning Technologies Main Menu Select
  3. Click edit next to EIT Class
    • In the wiki code type "yourName ~~~~ and add your blog link" (Keep the names alphabetical on last name) and save
  4. Click on your user hyperlink (top left of the page - should be in red)
  5. Follow the Superquick wiki guide instructions and create a user page
  6. When you feel confident enough, access one of the wikis from other students in your class and add some comments (or make some changes) .. add a ~~~~ to sign your changes.
  7. Add an entry into your blog which has a link to your WikiEducator user page, and make a comment about how you felt changing the wiki page of one of the other students.