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Assessed Activity WS1.2 (2016)
  • For this activity you are to create two blogs: Wordpress and Blogger
    • Wordpress
      • Navigate to (Note contains the WordPress engine (php code) that you can download and install on your own server)
      • Create a WordPress Web Site and add the content as described below
    • Google Blogger
      • You will need to have a Google Account for this activity
      • Create a Blogger Site and add the content as described below
    • Blog Content
      • Add the following to each blog (the activity is to allow you to compare the two blog systems)
      1. You are to give a brief introduction of yourself. You may wish to use a Māori mihimihi format ( ). Make a comment on the privacy implications of students making blog post introductions (this will include what you felt you could and could not be included in your introduction).
      2. Add the Statement of authenticity. If you are using WordPress use one of the pages to add the statement of authenticity. If you are using another blog system you may need to add this as a blog post.
    • Make a note of the URLs
      • Next week we will add the Blog URLs to your WikiEducator user profile and if you are an EIT student to the wiki in EITOnline. For now make a note of the Blog URLs.
  • Source: Blogging/In_teaching_and_learning