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Assessed Activity 6.1 (2016)

In order to understand what an online portfolio is,

  1. Create a Linked-in account (if you haven't already)
    • Enter some personal details. Make sure you include a good photo so people can recognise who you are. As this is a professional group I do not add people without a photo. People can have a lot of connections so it is important that they can link you with who you are and a photo is an important part of this.
    • Join the EIT Information Technology group at
    • (If you are a Postgraduate student you can join EIT Postgraduate IT at )
  2. Create a Google Site (
    • Create a basic CV
    • Note. As this is very public be careful what you put onto the site. Things like your actual address and cell phone number probably should not appear. Give enough so that people can contact you - I think an email address is enough.
  3. In your Blog
    1. Describe what an ePortfolio is and how they can be useful in a Digital Learning environment.
    2. Provide links to your Linked-in and google sites