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Developing course content

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Assessed Activity 4.1 (2016)
  • Socially constructed content (or crowd sourced) is advocated as an activity based learning method. For this activity you are to select one of the social technologies and improve the content on the wiki page (see the Social Technologies links in the main menu above). For the issues restrict them to those relevant to teaching and learning.
    • Include at least one reference from the last 12 months which is not from a reference source (e.g. Wikipedia)
    • Either add a media element (e.g. image, slideshare) or include a relevant image from wiki commons ( )
      • Note the images can be imported directly as if they have been uploaded to the WikiEducator server (make sure they have a CC License).
  • Sign the addition in the wiki (use -~~~~ ).
  • Add a comment to your blog that links to the wiki page you have changed, and indicate what you have added.
  • Source: Developing course content