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Wayne from COL joins the Trinidad and Tobago boot camp this week. The team leaders have slotted in an afternoon session for me, after the tea break, for 11 June 2007.

To make best use of our time and to respond to your specific needs, I've created this page for the boot camp participants to jot down their questions they would like me to deal with during this short presentation.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

--Mackiwg 21:08, 10 June 2007 (CEST)


  • Jot down the questions, issues etc you'd like Wayne to respond to during the session.
  1. Even though we are working in wikieducator, we would appreciate knowing how to use eXe. There is some Life Skills material that was written first in eXe for 1 to 1 use on the web: we would like to be able to upload eXe and to create course work in eXe later as time progresses.
  2. We did some copyright stuff with Paul: You can have a quiz to see what we remember and fill in any blanks in our understanding.
  3. We want to have a way to share Life Skills material we have brought on some of the units with one another especially with those who are working on the units pertaining to the material. We only want this selected group to access this. How do we go about this?
  4. One of my group members want to develop materials on Midwifery to reach out to other nurses who resides on other small islands and cannot attend at the capital city. Can she create this course on Wiki and how?
  5. We have been experiencing problems when somebody change stuff on what is being developed and then you loose the original content and even the link. Could you take us through how to manage the history and the tracing back of the contributions,it has been wasting a lot of time.
  6. Also it seems that we cannot edit in the same page at the same time on Wiki? Right???
  7. Can I have a new computer and only download open software,google docs and spreadsheet, Open Office, etc to use instead of Microsoft Office. If that is possible, and we can read documents from other softwares, then help us more where to find the combination of the commonly used programs like: wordprocessor, spreadsheet, powerpoint, etc
  8. Any spellcheck or dictionary in Wiki?
  9. Where do I put my new content? How can others find it?
  10. Do we have a template for feedback in Wikieducator?