VUSSC/Trinidad and Tobago Boot Camp/Day 9 summary

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Facilitator: Kavena

Another day, we left the hotel later than usual so we reached the Language Centre exactly at 9a.m. We got right to the computers. Kavena gave her instructions so we were informed of what to expect for the day. We were to continue to work on units 2 and 3 and last part of the afternoon, we would have a session on how to prepare and make power point presentations. The day progressed as usual. Wayne gave us a lesson on wiki syntax to start off. Just when the brains and fingers were in tune the announcement would come 'break - 15 minutes, lunch - 30mins, the caterers need to leave. But in between we did feel good about our productions and we were motivated to continue writing. How is the day going? we are doing fine ...were comments were often heard during the day. It was 3:45pm and in came Mr Ainsworth Ovid for his power point presentation. What words can we use to describe the session.It was power packed. Are you a teacher Ainsworth? You processed with us from where we were and moved from the "known to the unknown". I am sure that everybody learnt something about power point today. We had questions answered, we learnt about colours and adding pictures. Thanks for the practise too, the only pity is that some of us will have to wait until we reach home to really practice. I am sure Wayne and Phillip will tell us where we can find a free programme to download. Time flies when you are doing something that you enjoy. Units 2 and 3 are getting done, and power point is out of the way. It is five o'clock and we must turn off the computers and go to the bus because it is waiting. The day came to an end the same way it started, we left the Language Learning Centre at 5:30p.m. Half an hour later than we should have. Woosh!! out of here.

If anyone has a photo of the session today, please post it on this page - if it relates directly to something being said in the summary, try your skills and paste it in there. Thank you.