VUSSC/Trinidad and Tobago Boot Camp/Day 8 summary

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Facilitator:Ms Ceronne Prevatt- Wiltshire

Morning session

In her opening remarks the facilitator for the day highlighted on the importance of intergrating decision making and other skills in each of the units contained in the Life Skills module.She reminded the participants of the role of provision of these skills for life to learners.She explained that lifeskills programmes aim at equiping individuals with skills that can enable them to make informed decisions.The facilitator also described lifeskills as very essential in assisting individuals cope with inevitable daily challenges. At the conclusion of her opening remarks the facilitator recognised the presence of one of the resourse persons,namely Mr Wayne Mckintosh and requested him to make a few remarks.Mr Mckintosh didnt say much since he would be making a presentation in the Afternoon.However he indicated that he felt very priviledged to have had an opportunity to participate at this 3rd bootcamp.Ms Cathie Dunlop was also requested to address the participants,she explained that she has been assigned by COL to prepare a report on the workshops deliberation.At the completion of Ms Dunlop's address partipants were requested to continue working on topics two and three.

Cerrone1.jpg Group 4

Afternoon session

Respective groups continued working on topics two and three.After tea break Mr Andrew Moore made a presentation on the quality of materials that should be prepared for distance learners.He emphasized that it is very important to follow the guide prepared by COL when preparing distance education materials for purposes of consistency and also for adhering to the expected standards and addressing issues of quality assurance.The resource person completed by reminding participant to include a series of actvities in all the modules.

Andrew1.jpg Andrew

The facilitator requested Mr Wayne Mckintosh to make his presentation,during the presentation Mr Mckintosh briefly described the origin of WikiEducator.He explained that the purpose of creating the programme was to enable disadvantaged communities to have an opportunity to access free materials.Mr Mckintosh also touched on the importance of having free materials available considering the large population that does not have an opportunity to enroll in conventional academic institutions.

Wayne11.jpg Wayne Today was a Great Day

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Remember our Multimedia work and D-Don work.

Look in Unit 5 at the end to read the Skills in Life Skills to be practised on our activities. These skills are what Life Skills are about and practised throughout the units: Decision making, Critical Thinking, Creative thinking etc etc.

Do read this before and during your work on the units. It will assit us to be interactive in the work for the learner.