VUSSC/Trinidad and Tobago Boot Camp/Day 3 summary

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Wednesday 6 June

Facilitator: Andrea Airall

Morning Session

Today the Boot "campers" were given a bag containing two notebooks and a pen.It was indeed well received and seemed a useful and meaningful momento of our camping activities.

The morning was a period of intense activity as campers tried to push ahead and get their content drafted,revised and ready for the anticipated presentation of the topics in Module 1 of their units.It was interspersed with helpful hints and remedial guidelines from Phillip Serracino,our energetic and learned Wiki specialist.PaulWest and Stephen Headley worked steadfastly to have the downloads on the flashdrives.Andrea guided us through the sessions so that the time was maximised and all were aware of the day's schedule.When lunch was announced ,even though we were hungry,we were hesitant to stop the momentum that was being built up as we became more familiar with the WikiEducator.

Lunch was another tasty fare , but what was also quite evident was the way the camaraderie that began on Monday was being maintained during intervals and lunch-time was also a time to discuss professional ideas among contemporaries.That is the real Commonwealth in operation.

Afternoon Session

The groups continued working assiduously to have their content for Unit 1 ready for presentation at 2p.m.Because of the professional approach that campers took to the exercise and the depth of the content that they were creating,it seemed that those presentations would have to be observed the next day.That was not to be!

Tommy Chen of the Distance Education Unit of the University of the West Indies, facilitated a session about GIMP-- a program for inserting images,resizing and editing them.Some interesting designs were created as we manipulated some of the tools of the program.Phillip and Stephen also assisted wherever necessary.When we thought that the day's work was over,Andrea reminded us about the presentations.All five groups presented their work so far and it was evident that even though each group had progressed at its own pace,much was achieved.Ceronne commended us for our efforts and reminded us about the relocation to the Hilton Hotel for tomorrow's holiday session.

Paul distributed a flash drive to each of us and clarified some copyright issues that Betty Joseph raised and which had significance for all of us. Phillip gave his interpretation about the issue and suggested ways of avoiding such a dilemma.Then it was on to the bus for the beginning of the evening's relaxation.The following are campers'quotes about the day's activities:

"Tremendous progress.Good planning session early in the morning." "Wiki-Wiki----Time running quick ." "Very interactive session.Great." "We have seen progress as a group but still feel not enough was completed." "It would be great to continue fine tuning the units after boot camp.That's the real challenge!"

Lynette Noel Group 5