VUSSC/Trinidad and Tobago Boot Camp/Day 2 summary

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Day 2 Summary

Tuesday 5th June

Facilitator: Dr R.Kavena Shalyefu

Morning session

The day was sunny with very good weather. Participants were taken to the venue for the Boot Camp at the University of the West Indies at 8 am. Kavena started the day with housekeeping matters followed by a continuation of Wiki tutoring by Mr Philip. Participants were busily pressing keys and trialing out the creation of pages and links as Phillip moved around assisting where needed,which surprisingly enough, wasn’t as bad as I thought. Thank you Phillip for your skills and untiring patience in coaching us and we look forward to your mentoring tomorrow..

Andrea did an ‘ice breaking’ activity which got everyone milling and mingling and ready to take on the next task. Ms ‘Ava and Ravhee’s presentation on Ground Rules and Template was given. This gave the participants a good understanding of the structure and what was expected of them. After a few questions, the five groups moved to their respective tables to work on their topic 1 and this took the Bootcamp through to lunch.

Afternoon session

Today, everyone went to the Bank and only our Pacific Tuvalu had ID troubles since coming to Trinidad, his passport photo no longer matches his dreadlocks.

The organizers had planned a tele-conferencing session for after lunch which gave everyone the opportunity to meet ‘virtually’ with the group in Vancouver – David, Helena, Joshua, Helen and . This was for many, their first ‘virtual’ experience and the first time that both COL and Bootcamp participants had seen each other. We also teleconferenced with Fujitsu in Austin, Texas and learnt about the equipment that made teleconferencing possible. The last part of the day was spent with the groups working on their topic 1.

When the bus arrived to take us from the Boot Camp, we were given an opportunity to shop at a nearby shopping mall for about an hour and then all returned ‘home’ ready to recharge and refuel for the next day.