VUSSC/Trinidad and Tobago Boot Camp/Day 17 summary

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Hello all. Just a quick note during todays briefing to let you know I'm thinking of you all. Hope the last week has been useful and that some form of product is emerging. Please also check your work against the 8 instructional design points I went over last week. Good Luck and enjoy the heat. Its freezing here in Botswana. Keep me in the loop, Andrew

Hi Andrew, We are at the hotel working on our units and support materials, our action plans and our requests for support and then a cultural sharing - wish you were here. Ceronne et al. Wednesday Closing day

  1. am 1)Completion of individual Action Planning(e.g.completion of units not attempted yet, awareness creation, training workshops, course structuring/restructuring and acceptance, implementation plus timeframe and persons responsible for each process with you)
  2. 2)Completion of individual support requirements to make the above happen and the names/s of the highest persons who could assist. This would enable COL (Paul West) to support you by writing and encouraging letter to the person/s stipulated.
            3)Group self evaluation (Individual evaluation completed on monkey..on Monday evening)
  1. 4)Individual and Group Sharing:Skills developed and Lessons learnt
            5)Short presentations by Groups 1 to 5 of units and especially support materials


            6) CLOSING CEREMONY with Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education in Auditorium 2pm 
 Chairman - Ava
  • Deliverables of units and support materials by leader/representative of group doing Module - Barbara, Joorawon,X, Lapana and X
  • The Boot Camp experience - Rebecca and Bothephana
  • Skills developed, Challenges met and Lessons learnt -Badeli,Lily and Antoinette
  • Summary of Boot Camp activities & The Way Forward - Ceronne
  • Vote of Thanks - Kavena

( If you would like to speak during the Closing Ceremony, please let one of the leaders know right away so that it can be so. The names above have to be confirmed, so let your leader know if you are fine with the task stipulated before 10.30)

Tuesday 19th June 2007 9.30 am: Savannah Lounge – all groups meet to discuss Action Plan and other plans

Deadlines: August  31 – Complete Module One

September 15 – Complete Modules Two – Five

10.30 – 12.30 – Work with group Leader in her/his room

12.30 – 1.30 pm Lunch

1,30 – 3.30 Work with group Leader in her/his room

3.30 – 4 pm – Tea

3.30 - 5.30 pm Cultural Sharing ( at least one item per group)

5.30 – 8pm Work with group leader in her/his room