VUSSC/Trinidad and Tobago Boot Camp/Day 12 summary

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It was the day to beat all days ... spent on the sister isle of Tobago! What a time we had! The boat ride was quite eventful, since the waves of the Bocas "overturned" the stomachs of some members of our group. We first paid a courtesy call to the Chief Secretary - Mr. London - a pleasant, unassuming gentleman.

In spite of the very late lunch (following our island tour), the group set out to make the best of the day and we were soon ready for some maritime action. With their different styles of swim-wear, folks swam, waded, walked and jumped while enjoying the sun, sea and salt of one of the "jewels of the Caribbean"

The flight attendant on our 9.00pm return flight did not understand the blank stares as she rattled off the instructions for those sitting at the emergency door. It was a case of "Barriers to Communication" - one of the Units of the Life Skills Document. The bus ride home was a quiet one as folks were winding down after an exhausting yet enjoyable day in Tobago.