VUSSC/Trinidad and Tobago Boot Camp/Day 10 summary

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Facilitator: Ava

Report of Wednesday, 14 June 2007

The day dawned dark and rainy outside the Trinidad Hilton and traffic was a bit tight as we made our way to the Centre. Upon arrival, Ava began the day with an inspirational poem entitled “The Awesomeness of God”. This helped us to put our tasks in perspective.

Andrew then gave a brief presentation in which he reminded participants of the importance of feedback. He also suggested that the group standardise the way feed back is presented within the course. He also emphasised the need for the groups to adhere to common Instructional Design Principles. Finally, Andrew ended with a reminder that if multimedia is included in the modules, text based context must always be linked to multimedia.

Barbara then thanked Andrew for his invaluable input in the Boot Camp alluding especially to the group’s excited response to his multimedia presentation last week. Wayne then instructed the group on the construction of tables in the Wiki.

As Today marked Kathy’s last day at the Boot Camp, Hermina thanked her for her input especially through the introduction of the software “survey monkey”.

After break, the participants seemed very well organised and each group moved very smoothly into their designated tasks i.e. topics 2 and 3. Production time was lost during the day as internet connection was lost many times during this session. Many persons were unfortunate enough to lose material.

On behalf of all participants, Michele made a small presentation to Andrew before he left for the Air Port.

Towards the end of the afternoon, Karen informed participants of the plans for the trip to Tobago on Friday. Upon arrival in Tobago, the group will pay a courtesy call on Chief Secretary. Thus, we were reminded of the need to dress appropriately and to carry along any necessary items such as towels, sunglasses, beachwear..etc .

Ava informed the group that tomorrow morning the work of each group will be reviewed and the evaluation will be presented in the afternoon. The day ended with a small presentation to Kathy by Joorawon.