VUSSC/Singapore BC/team leaders meeting/Day 3

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Objectives for the day

  • Have hands-on experience on wiki editing
  • To identify the topics for the planned ‘seminars’.

Notes for the day

The group explored wiki’s features & functions, did some simple editing and updated their personal pages.

From day 2's discussions, the following objectives/goals are suggested for the Singapore bootcamp:

Icon objectives.jpg
Outcomes for Singapore Bootcamp:
  • Demonstrate skills to develop materials for ODL
  • Produce workshop resources e.g. outline, handout templates, checklists for conducting workshops
  • Plan and conduct a workshop on developing ODL materials
  • Use ICT to facilitate the above 3 outcomes

From the objectives, the group worked on the bootcamp agenda, particularly for the first 2 days.

To do list

  • Brainstorm workshop outline
  • Brainstorm design templates
  • Identify list of free content available