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Code of Ethics

If you work in a profession such as Health Care or the Law there will be professional and ethical standards that you must consider in all your dealings with your customers. These are intended to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and provided with a consistent and reliable service.

Do you have a code of ethics? Do tour guides need a code of ethics?

The code of ethics for tour guides can go a long way in highlighting the need for displaying honesty and integrity, selflessness and objectivity in their dealings with tourists.

A code of ethics makes it clear that courtesy and regard for the customers are the fundamental duties of tour guides. You need to treat tourists "as customers who are entitled to receive the highest standards of service”.

In case you already have one, it is important that you go through the code and ensure that you abide by it in all your actions/behaviours in the course of your work. If you do not have one, developing and adhering to a code of ethics can help towards increased professionalism and excellence in tour guiding services.

You may refer to the code of ethics developed by “The Legends of Puerto Rito”. The external website is Alternatively you can follow on the link “The Legends of Puerto Rito” to see an extract of the document.

Most organisations develop policies and procedures for their employees to follow. Many of these relate to customer service tasks. It is important that you understand these policies and work to them at all times.