“The Legends of Puerto Rito”

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1. To provide visitors a professional service with the quality, care and commitment they deserve. Also, to present the information about the area visited in a manner that is free from prejudice or propaganda.

2. To ensure, as far as it is known, that what is presented as fact is true, and that a clear distinction is made between this truth and stories, legends, traditions, or opinions.

3. To act fairly and reasonably in all dealings with all those who engage the services of guides and with colleagues working in all aspects of tourism.

4. To protect the reputation of tourism in our country by making every endeavor to ensure that guided groups treat the environment, wildlife, sights and monuments, local customs and sensitivities, with the utmost respect.

5. As representatives of the host country, to welcome visitors in a friendly and helpful manner so that they will encourage others to visit Puerto Rico and promote it as a great tourist destination.


a. To provide a skilled presentation of knowledge, interpret and highlight surrounding, and inform and maintain objectivity and enthusiasm in an engaging manner.

b. To be prepared for each tour when the itinerary is furnished in advance. A professional guide assumes responsibility for reporting on time and for meeting appointments and schedules within the guide's control. Be sensitive to the interests and values of the tour group and not share his/her personal views on controversial subjects such as sex, religion, and politics.

c. To have a wide range of knowledge of the city including its history and architecture, cultural and political life, and local folklore. Keep current on new exhibits, seasonal events, and other changes throughout the city. A professional guide does not knowingly give out misinformation.

d. To follow the rules and regulations at all sites and facilities where he/she takes visitors.

e. To know and follow the policies of the company. A guide does not accept or solicit a job from a client of the company that has hired him/her without the consent of the company that has hired him/her. Therefore, personal business cards should not be distributed for these purposes. All business-related communication with the client should be made through the company only.

f. To be knowledgeable about the best routes for all tours. This includes familiarity with the traffic laws as well as the idiosyncrasies of Puerto Rico driving. A professional guide informs the driver of the route in a calm, polite, and timely fashion.

g. Dresses appropriately for the type of tour being conducted.

h. Accepts each tour as a serious commitment and cancels only when absolutely necessary and provides as much advance notice as possible.

i. Does not solicit gratuities.

j. Does not initiate patronization of souvenir shops and other places that practice "kickback" payments to the guide and/or drivers, or abuse complimentary meal privileges offered by food establishments.

k. Cooperates with other tour groups and maintains ethical and professional conduct at all times, cultivating a positive relationship with all colleagues.

l. Respects the research and intellectual property of other guides and does not plagiarize or take as one's own another guide's commentary or individual presentation technique.

Reference: http://www.legendsofpr.com/codeofethics.htm.