VUSSC/Content/Tourism/Applying Effective Communication Skills/Unit 2 Summary

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In this unit you learned the different ways of communicating, verbal and non-verbal methods were explained using examples. The importance of the use voice was also discussed. To tie it all together, do the activity below.

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Case Study

Instructions: Read the case study and answer the questions that follow.

The story

The village of Pea was very excited. The tour guide had telephoned, and Mary had taken down the message that 10 tourists were coming off the cruise ship for lunch at 2 o’clock. The whole village got involved in making “umukai”(underground oven cooking). Food was gathered and put in the pits, the floorshow party gathered, work stopped for the day. At 10 o’clock, a minibus stopped at the village, and two (2) people got out. They looked very surprised at the huge feast half prepared and the floorshow practising. ‘Where are all the other tourists?’ asked Mary. ‘This is all there is’, said the tour guide. ‘I said 2 people for 10 o’clock!’ You can see from this story what can happen when communication in the tourism industry is not good. The hosts are unhappy; the guests are unhappy with sad faces.


1. What two forms of communication occurred?

2. How do we know the guests were unhappy?