VUSSC/Content/Tourism/Applying Effective Communication Skills/Objectives for Unit 3

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Upon completion of this Unit you will be able to:
  1. Explain what is communication strategy
  2. Explain the steps involved in using effective strategies
  3. State what is a presentation
  4. Explain the importance of a presentation
  5. Identify the qualities of a good presenter
  6. Identify what makes a poor presentation
  7. Describe the grooming habits necessary for a presenter
  8. Discuss the different types of presentations that may be delivered
  9. State what is a conversation
  10. List two types of conversations
  11. Distinguish the difference between “hearing” and “listening”
  12. Explain why listening to customers is crucial to the delivery of quality service.
  13. Identify five (5) steps to active listening
  14. Respond to incoming calls
  15. Put someone on hold and transfer calls
  16. Handle complaints through the phone
  17. Take messages
  18. Make business telephone calls
  19. End telephone conservations