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2. Learning Objectives

At the end of this unit you should be able to:

  • discuss the rules and regulations to be followed in setting up a business,
  • understand the required procedures for naming a business
  • understand issues regarding trade marks service marks
  • assess the opportunities for starting up your business
  • identify competitors in your field of business
  • analyse the business environment using the SWOT analysis
  • determine the supply and demand of your product
  • establish your target market
  • determine the financial needs of your enterprise
  • determine the initial capital requirement of your enterprise
  • determine the short and the long term capital needs of your enterprise
  • justify the need for a business plan
  • Outline the steps involved in preparation of a business plan
  • Discuss the elements of a business plan

Introduction | Learning Objectives | Legal requirements for your type of business | Opportunities in your environments | Competition (SWOT Analysis) | Supply and Demand | The Market | Funding for the enterprise | The Business plan | Summary