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This page will be an overview of the different uses for WikiEducator.

It will assist people who wish to contribute to the project by directing them towards existing projects that need help, tutorials, and resources on how to contribute, as well as guiding people who may wish to use WikiEducator for their own teaching and learning situations towards available content and resources.

How the Culture Wiki on WikiEducator is used

WikiEducator was conceived as a website for educators to develop free educational content that anyone can use, modify and distribute. As the WikiEducator community has evolved, distinct uses of the site have emerged:

  • Free Content development - these are the actual content pages;
  • Planning pages for Projects developing free educational content;
  • Community Network nodes which facilitate a range of free content activities;
  • Research projects hosted on WikiEducator.

How do I get involved with the Culture Wiki on WikiEducator?

Getting involved with the Culture Wiki on Wikieducator is easy. You are free to start a new initiative on WikiEducator right now.

We're working with the Free Culture Movement to build a free version of the education curriculum by 2015 and we need all the help we can get.

Some WikiEducators commence with a planning page for their content while others start immediately with their free content page. Some WikiEducators help to build capacity among educators by presenting workshops using our Tutorials or participate in community discussions.

Starting a project

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Start an initiative today.

Everybody has something to contribute. Think about how you can help the Culture Wiki community and select one, two or more items from the list below and join our project.

  • Register an account on WikiEducator;
  • Become an Ambassador or WikiNeighbour for WikiEducator by adding your name to the list;
  • Join our WikiEducator mailing list and help us build the project by participating in our community discussions;
  • Start developing free content by adding your Content page to the list here;
  • A planning page may be required for more ambitious projects, so add your planning page to the list and invite your friends and colleagues to join;
  • Help us build a "buddy system" (dyad/pair), to initially help you and then others in the culture community;

Exponential growth these past months on WikiEducator has necessitated us to rethink and reorganise our structure so that you can find your your way more easily around the site. Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions here.