Using Baby Slings and Carriers

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About Baby Slings

Benefits of using using babyslings

Carrying a baby in a sling or wrap allows a special closeness between parent/caregiver and a new born baby. Being carried close to the body means that the baby still feels the carevibers movement, breathing and heartbeat, just as she did in the womb. The baby and caregiver feel comforted and safe while maintaining the natural parent/child connection.

In a sling, the baby is allowed to experience different positions, developing different muscles.

Another great benefit of the sling is nursing. A mother may carry-on with her daily routine while discretely and comfortably nursing her child.

The cloth is light-weight and easily stored when you do not need it.

and last but not least, the caregivers hands are free to care for older children and perform other tasks.

Disadvantages of using baby slings

The main disadvantage is that some slings are bulky and may take a while to wear. The long cloth wrap-around slings are often bulky and a caregiver may find herself strugling to keep the ends of the wrap of the ground.

types of baby slings

demos of baby sling

[1]how to wear a baby sling