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Categories111:25, 30 September 2009


Hi Nathan,

In response to your "search" question on the google group, a user can add categories to their page(s) to help others find them. For example Category:History. To add a categoryto a page you would use [[Category:Category name]]. To search for a category you can try "Category:Category name" in the (if you have chosen the Category namespace tickbox in search tab of your preferences ) search or go to the advanced search and check the Category namespace. Hope this helps.

Kruhly (talk)09:34, 25 September 2009

Hi Kruhly, Thank you, that's a good idea. I was testing out this idea last week and created a similar example on my page that I was exploring, just seeing how 'search-able' it was. Regards, Nathan

Nathan Wise (talk)11:25, 30 September 2009