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Hi Martyna,

pleased to meet you here in WikiEd!
I’m astonished to hear that Sierra Leone has new distance education centres, because as far as I know, your country has been stricken by civil war and has fallen far behind.
And y o u have established 11 centres? Interesting! How does such a center look like?
Teacher training: Do you think, WikiEd could be a platform for this too? Peace building activities: How do you do this?
Environmental advocacy: What’s done there?
I’m also curious about your experiences with mathematics in your place: Could we maybe develop a kind of mathematics that suit’s the needs of young learners in Sierra Leone?
Are all editors of “Higher secondary mathematics” from the same place? Astronomy: I’m just about to take up editing a course on astronomy. Do you think there is interest in this in Sierra Leone?

Lots of questions from someone eager to know more… Hope to hear from you soon. Günther--White Eagle 10:11, 15 June 2007 (CEST)

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