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Environmental Issues015:43, 28 September 2010

Environmental Issues



In developed and developing countries people tend to cluster in cities and suburbs, concentrating pollution in those areas. Not only pollution, but also creating various other environmental problems. Let us see what we mean by environmental issue.
Environmental Issue can be defined as –
A point or matter of discussion, debate, or dispute of an organization's environmental aspects.
Environmental issue can also defined as-

An environmental issue is a description of a known process within the environment or a state of the environment which has adverse effects on the sustainability of the environment including society. They include resource consumption and environmental impacts. See also environmental effects, environmental aspects.

1. Urban Environment
2. Rural Environment
3. Virgin Environment
4. Mining Environment
5. Industrial Environment
6. Forest Environment

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES are everyones concern today it is not related to any particular country or state , more information related to Environment can be available at the clik of the button that is you can always use <span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1285641661503_754" />

--Mariya 02:43, 28 September 2010 (UTC)

Mariya (talk)15:33, 28 September 2010