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Hi Kminol,

You have created a page link on COntent Page, titled "Introduction to Disaster Management", but not added any page to it. Are you intend to work on the page? You may like to remove the link otherwise.

Thanks--Pankaj 11:44, 28 December 2007 (CET)


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In the heat of the Apia Bootcamp009:02, 23 November 2007
Samoa Bootcamp - getting here..010:19, 14 November 2007
Hello015:10, 23 October 2007

In the heat of the Apia Bootcamp

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The bootcamp is getting quite intensive as all groups aim to complete their three units and begin reviewing other groups' work by Friday. We are all working hard and I am simply amazed at what can be achieved in just less than three weeks. It goes to show that when you are committed to completing something and put all your focus on the task, it can be done. Hopefully by tomorrow we can transfer units from the write board in base camp onto the COL template and then here on the wiki... I am looking forward to doing all this and have been thinking hard about how the wikieducator can be used at home in papua new guinea. It would be good to work with a committed academic to do a trial on this for at least one existing course when I return to the upng open college.

Kminol (talk)09:02, 23 November 2007

Samoa Bootcamp - getting here..

It was a great relief for Eileen and I to finally board Air Niugini PX 3 bound for Brisbane on Sunday morning. Qantas officials on Friday refused to allow us to board the Brisbane flight without Australian Transit Visas. We had a nightmare trying to get Transit Visas without confimed travel itineraries and it was very difficult trying to liase with Helen in Canada and Lyn in New Zealand to rebook for the weekend. When we finally got granted the Transit Visas, Qantas could not reissue tickets for some reason or other.. Gees, things just seemed to be getting worse.. But despite all the hassles and everyone's efforts, we were able to get confirmed bookings for Sunday morning.. Its amazing how modern technology can allow us to do things which would have been otherwise impossible to do.. Eileen and I are grateful to both Helen and Lyn for their hard work... We are at the start of the Bootcamp and we look forward to a fruitful three weeks here in beautiful Apia..

Kminol (talk)10:19, 14 November 2007

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