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Please suggest013:39, 30 September 2011
Chemistry and the Community019:04, 16 December 2010

Please suggest

Dear wikiuser, I am attempting content on the topic Multimedia. please suggest the following:

  1. Division of topics and subtopics.
  2. Topics which can be added and links for content
  3. How content should be presented?
  4. Any suggestion to make it better.

Wikieducator is a woderful Authoring platform. Collabration, content sharing, advice is the key. Please help this wikineighbour. The link is Multimedia Course --Ravi limaye 00:13, 30 September 2011 (UTC)

Ravi limaye (talk)13:39, 30 September 2011

Chemistry and the Community

  • The main objective is the role of Chemistry in the Community in which we live. 
  • Ideas, Contributions, advice, support and guidance from WikiNeighbours will be highly appreciated.
Enalumenya (talk)18:59, 16 December 2010