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1. Introduction

20 Basic Rules for Digital Citizenship
*We chosen this reference because using the internet there are lots of rude individuals that says obnoxious things to other, which can be hurtful. This webpage shows what is allowed and what isn't, and follow the rules

2. Privacy and Freedom of Speech

Facetime: Social network creator Lee Provost
*In this article it talks about how our current social networking knows that some of our social networking rights will be ignored, but a new social network called TEE Network will protect our privacy. Privacy is an important issue and we all want keep our personal information hidden from everyone.

3. Intellectual Property

10 Big Myths about copyright explained
*This is a great website that explains the myths of copyrighting because we can learn the basic knowledge of what copyright is. We might be copyrighting right now and won't we are doing, so this website gives us a little information about.

4. Crime

How to know if your computer is infected
*Having a virus in your computer or running into a virus on your software happens all the time. But we do you know if we are infected or not? In this webpage it gives a brief summary if your computer is infected and it gives out information how to clean your computer from virus. I learned that it is always good to have a Anti-Virus software and update it monthly for new viruses.

5. Employment, Education and Entertainment

Jobs are evolving, not becoming obsolete
*Since technology is always evolving, there lots of concerns if technology will obsolete jobs that are fun by man? The answer is that it is not, because we still need people to monitor new technology and see if it is ready to move to the next step on the assembly line. There are huge machines making cars, but there are people that watches over them and set them up properly. This is a great article for concerned people with current jobs about being obsolete set by technology.

6. Millennium Development Goals

Global partners commit $12 billion to UN-backed fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria
*Global partners gave the UN $12 billion in funds to fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria, hopefully there will be a cure for AIDS because to me it is a big issue. As it says in the article these are the biggest problems we face today. It was said that these pledges are a demonstration of global solidarity and trust to move towards ending the three diseases. We need anti-malarials, drug resistant TB and soon the cure for the infamous AIDS, as of now anything is possible.

7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology

Why We Collaborate
*We picked this article because it is what we are doing now for our group project, we put our ideas together and collaborate to make a better idea as a group.

8. Risk, Failures and Responsibilities

Medicine and Computers
With technology moving forward medicine and computers go hand and hand because primary care givers doesn't need to worry about writing a prescription to a patient anymore, he or she can send it by email to the pharmacy with their electronic signatures. There are times when pharmacy techs have a hard time on what the doctor is trying to write, but with sending by email it is easy and fast. No waiting in line at the drop off station in the pharmacy. What makes it more convenient is that the doctor can send the prescription to any pharmacy that the patient desires.

9. Anytime, Anywhere

The Massive Open Online Professor
*With Online classes becoming more popular among students it is an affordable way to get an education right at your home. Virginia Tech Professor John Boyer, pre-records his lectures and uses Twitter to communicate with students. This is a great way for people to learn when they have a busy schedule and is familiar with social networking.

10. Technology Advances, Social Trends

How Robots Will Change the World
*All the scientific movies about robots while growing up are becoming a reality. Humanoid robots are being developed and becoming more and more like humans, how they walk, body movement. Humanoid robots are used to help people in tough situation, like what what happened in Japan with the radiation disaster.

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