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1. Introduction: Online Learning

1. Article: "Getting an education in learning over the Internet"
*In this article it talks about people getting an education online and how it is convenient for them in their busy lives. Doing an online course can be taken at anytime of the day at the student's own pace, but there is a due date for assignments to be done. The downside of online learning is the inconvenience of getting help. Online learning offers over 12,000 different degrees can be obtained online from accredited U.S

2. Article: "The Trouble with Online Education"
*The trouble of online education is that anyone can take the course for anyone. For example if there is a test online and the person that is registered is not good in taking a test, he or she can ask someone else to take the test because no one will know, they are behind a screen. That's where cheating occurs, that is why some schools does not allow online learning. The other reason why online education is so troublesome is that there is no student, teacher interaction. The immediacy is not there, so it will be hard to see what the student's work ethics are.

3. Article: "The Rise of Online Education"
*The rise of online learning began in the year 2000, almost 14 years ago. It was a hard to get adjusted to, but as time went on technology advanced to the future of the new day of age of technology. Nowadays preschoolers are learning how to use Ipads to learn basic education like reading, knowing your alphabets, and numbers. In high school it is required to have 1 course of distant learning education in order to graduate. The new generation of that will take over the country will be familiar with technology and how it works.

2. Privacy and Freedom of Speech

1. Article: "Facebook: The Privatization of our Privates and Life in the Company Town"
*Being part of the facebook community, I did not realize how much the information about me is open to the public. The terms and service before starting a facebook account clearly states that they can use our picture to further their business, unless we tell them to by setting our privacy settings. Facebook is a large internet social media where everyone can be social and enjoy each others company. I use facebook to stay in touch with family in different countries, and reconnect with people that I haven't seen in years.

2. Article: "Mikko Hypponen: Three types of online attack"
*The three major attacks that is being used today are criminals that want money, activists, and the government. This new day of age I'm not surprised that there is criminals online, and what criminals what is money. Everyone wants currency but there online criminals (hackers) thinks they can get away with it but stealing our identity. For activist they just want to get their point across so they can show what they can do when they come together. What really scares me the most is the government. They can read your chats or even read your private emails, you will never know if the government sends out the Trojan Horse virus to your computer so they can steal your passwords or get into your personal life. It seems like we are being watched constantly, so what ever we do we have to watch where we put our personal information.

3. Article: "European Court strikes serious blow to free speech online"
*In Europe a online news website named Delfiposted an article about a controversial decision of a ferry company, known as ‘SLK’, to change its routes and the implications of that decision for the ice roads between the Estonian mainland and various islands. The article attracted 185 comments, about 20 of which contained insulting and/or threatening language towards the majority shareholder of the ferry company. case about the news portal’s liability for third-party comments made on its website. - See more at: The Court wanted Delfi to remove the article so it will silence the people posting comments online.

3. Intellectual Property

1. YouTube clip:"YouTube Copyright School"
*In this short youtube clip it talks about copyright. Like in a school textbook every time we copy word for word for an essay assignment we have to site and quote from the textbook so the person that is writing the essay won't get into trouble. It is the exact same thing when we upload a video or use the internet. For example when you go to the movies and you want to record the movie by using your cellphone or a video recorder, then upload it on the internet like youtube, that is stealing and you can get into big trouble for that. Copyright means that if someone writes, invents, or make a movie it shows that they own the right of that idea. No one can use it without the permission of the creator, the only time you can use it is by crediting them on their work.

2. Article: "10 Big Myths about copyright explained
*Reading this article teaches us about copyright the laws of it. It useful and it can tell us if we are violating the law or not. If you get caught violating copyright laws you can be fined up to $2,500. When getting fined it won't be in a Supreme court, but in a civil court. Just be aware of the copyright laws and make the right decision before selling or posting things before hand, so know the laws.

3. Article: "Internet plagiarism rising in schools
*As technology advance, searching for information about a certain type of topic for school can be easy to find. At the same time students get lazy and start to plagiarize from the internet, word for word. Over the years internet plagiarism has increase in schools, Schools are teaching students not to plagiarize as early as 11 years old. A economic lecturer at Manchester University, Dan Rigby got a group a small group of students and found out that 45% of the students were cheating on essays or exams.

4. Crime

1. Article: "Common Fraud Schemes"
*This article is very useful for people that likes to purchase items online. Before you purchase anything from the internet you have to look for couple of things, what I look for from the seller are the reviews from other customers, what business it is being shipped from, and always use a credit card by using a Paypal account. Paypal is a secure website to keep and old your credit card information, they email every time I make a transaction, but if they email that I have purchased something that I wasn't aware of, I can say that I did not authorize it. That's when they can stop the transaction before the currency is sent. Conformation is really important when buying items online.

2. Article: "How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected"
*When you first purchase a computer you are amazed how fast it loads up the internet, but overtime it starts to slow down. There can be a couple of things that can happen and the first thought that comes to mind is a Virus. How we can detect the signs of a virus are popups, advertizement about anything. You have to buy a virus software or download a free virus scanner, I prefer to buy it and pay that $34.99 a year because I can get that full version and take advantage of it so I can save my computer from being infected. If your computer is not infected, you might have lots of items downloaded or your temporary folder is full. Best thing to do is use a defragmenter, it should help the speed of your computer.

3. Video clip: "White-Hat Hackers To Reveal How to attack Cars"
So what are white-hat hackers? They are hackers that use their hacking talent for good and help companies and the government to strengthen their online security. Bad hackers are known as black-hat hackers, in this video clip it talks about how white-hat hackers can bypass the security on high tech automobiles. By doing this, the automakers can improve the quality and security of their car care.

5. Employment, Education and Entertainment

1. Article: "For Dyslexic and Visually Impaired Students, a Free High-Tech Solution"
*This is an article about people that has learning disabilities. I Think this is a great idea that someone as created a non-profit website that have learning disabilities, the name of the website is I believe that everyone has the right to learn no matter if you have learning disadvantage. They even have a program for people that are blind, so there is no excuse not to have an education.

2. Article: "Tech Kids To Be Their Own Internet Filters"
*These new generation of kids are the future of advance technology. Early as preschool students are learning how to use the internet, at this age they are being taught how to filter out adult content of the websites and to know which is bad and the good. Teachers are teaching these young students that they should be visiting websites at their own age levels, and how website security works.

3. Article: "Sony and PlayStation 4: Silence is Golden"
*Sony Playstation 4 also known as PS4 has sold more consoles than the PS3 when it was first released back in 2004-2005. So why is the PS4 so popular, here are the specs: Main processor-CPU: low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores;GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ Graphics Core Next engine. Memory- GDDR5 8GB. What that means is this video game console is fast, it is said that it is like a mini super computer.

6. Millennium Development Goals

1. Article: "World must sustainably produce 70 per cent more food by mid-century-UN report"
*I find this article very interesting because it is saying that the world will need 70 per cent more food, by doing so we have to use every resource we have and not waste any food whatsoever. Do not waste food, take what you need and improve agriculture practice to feed a growing population. We also have to use the principles of climate smart agriculture across livestock, crops and forest. If we improve, by the year of 2050 our agriculture will meet it's requirements up to 70 per cent.

2. Article: "MDG: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger"
*The Millenium Development Goal one also known as MDG1 wants to stop some of the world's hunger by the year 2015. What MDG1 wants to do is halve food proportion whose income is less than $1.25 a day. Second to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, which includes women and young adults. Once people in third world countries have a employment and support the their own family they can afford to buy decent amount of food.

3. Article: "Global partners commit $12 billion to UN-backed fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria"
*Global partners gave the UN $12 billion in funds to fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria, hopefully there will be a cure for AIDS because to me it is a big issue. As it says in the article these are the biggest problems we face today. It was said that these pledges are a demonstration of global solidarity and trust to move towards ending the three diseases. We need anti-malarials, drug resistant TB and soon the cure for the infamous AIDS, as of now anything is possible.

7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology

1. Article: "Cars That Drive Themselves"
*Having the idea for a car to drive themselves is amazing. Like in the article said, it can save lives and they will be less accidental death. Car accidents have nothing to do about car capability, it is due to human errors. Just imagine that you had to much to drink, no money to take a cab home, all you have is your keys with you. Your car can take you home while you sleep in the backseat, that would be amazing. The real question is when will it be available to the public and what will be the cost of this type of vehicle.

2. Article: "The Search Serpent: The next wave in robotics"
*There are robots that built like humans, 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head and a body. Now the new thing that is has been made is a snake like robot. The advantage that robots like this is that it has no limbs, meaning that they can maneuver like a snake in small terrain without getting stuck in small areas. In the medical field serpent like robotic machines are used everyday like in intreventional radiology.