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zuzan fabiola morales meza

Hi!! I am susan , I have 22 years old, in what concerns to the academic aspect I am a very dynamic person but for the same reason I get bored very quickly and I start to talk and talk and talk jaja. My biggest weakness is grammar and I hope that during this course I finally get better because if not I would have a big trouble to write mi thesis and also for my future as a teacher.

My perfect jobs probably could be in secondary school, many of my classmates want to do other things besides teaching but I am not even there are too many things that I can do, I really like and enjoy being a teacher any kind of students well kids not so much but I do not want to work in an office just me and one computer I like the interaction with people and outside activities. I think I could be a great teacher

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Three-paragraph essay

Teaching a second language (L2) to first grade students who do not know how to write and to read in their first language (L1) seems like a big trouble that many teachers face.It is difficult to teach a language without the basis, in this case, writing and reading. Many activities help teachers to deal with this problem. Linking pictures with sounds and drawing clues (specially teaching how to write the alphabet) is a strategy that help to learn how to write according to what they hear in both languages.

If learning a second language is very difficult The study of the relationship between reading and writing skills between L1 and L2 has been guided by two theories or hypotheses to explain: the linguistic interdependence hypothesis (Interdependence linguistic hypothesis) (Cummins, 1979, pp. 222-251), which predicts that children who have trouble learning their first language also will have a problem learning a second language.which predicts that children who have problems learning their first language also have a secondlanguage. If the academic skills they acquire are good used, it will be transferred to a second language in the correct way too.

One of the main issues to consider when teaching a second language, especially children, is that several of them can not read or write yet. is very important that both, the teacher base and the English teacher encourage the student to the writing and reading in both languages. children who are developing both languages at the same time can have the tools for a better future and if they produce the L1 with fluency in all the skills, specially in writing and reading, it would be easier that in the moment of producing the L2 they will do it also in a natural way.


"Journal of Early Childhood Literacy" (2006, sage publications)retieved from from

E. Jiménez,O’Shanahan Juan,"REVISTAIBEROAMERICANADEEDUCACIÓN" #52,(2010)retieved from

--- problem--- "teaching L1 to first grade students that do not know how to write and to read"

--- RQ ---

how can I used audiovisual material that help Ss to learn how to write and to learn?

--- Class to Observe --- first grade Ss in the school: "2010 Centenario de la Revolución Mexicana"

--- three primary research articles---

---Research Dessigned--- qualitative

--- designed--- september

--- Data Collection --- October

--- Analysis--- First half of november

--- writing paper--- November 15th

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Teaching a second language through songs can be a good strategy but also it has many disadvantages is very important to know what kind of song you will play to your students because the language or the rhythm could be not appropriated for them, we as teacher have to know the cognitive level of our students because it is not the same a teenager than a university students or a kid the three will learn in different ways. Create a paragraph that includes a topic sentence and supportive sentences around a particular problem in applied linguistics. Also, review runon sentences and avoid them.

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