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Design Simulations to Solve Probability Problems (Level 1 and 2)

Basic Vocabulary   

trial a single test designed to observe or obtain an outcome

outcome one of all the possible results of what could happen e.g. in flipping a coin an outcome could be Head-H

listing of outcomes full listing of all possible results eg flipping two coins has 4 outcomes HH, HT, TH, TT

success what constitutes a desired outcome random number a number selected from a group of numbers where all numbers had an equal chance of being selected

(For extended vocabulary definitions and further words visit MathGloss)


Tools for simulating outcomes


Calculators have random generator keys

the general formula is (Rand# x n) + 1 truncated (decimal part is ignored)

Random Tables

some comment will go here on random tables

Nic Nacs

You are only limited by your imagination

E.g. To simulate a 50/50 or  2 outcome situation (whether a boy or a girl is born)

You could:

  • flip a coin  
    • a head = boy, a tail = girl
  • roll a dice
    • an even number = boy, an odd number = girl
  • draw a card from a pack of cards
    • a black suite = boy, a red suite = girl

TRY out your own ability to simulate different numbers of outcomes /tool problems

Links of Interest

There are at this time very few sites that help with simulation we list the ones we can find and are operating as at 1 Sept 2010

  1. This link explores concepts of simulation and has a random number generator
  2. This link mainly focuses on one simulation namely modelling a queue, such as customers arriving at a bank to be served by a teller
  3. A good and quick online random number(s) generator
  4. Exam Level 1 Probability Paper 2005 (pdf format) with simulation question in Q4
  5. Answers to 2005 L1 Paper Note answer to Q4

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