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The over use of L1 is one of the most common problems in teaching a second language with eight-year-old children. Thus, how could teachers avoid this problem? Teaching and learning English involve the use of the native language in order to compare both languages and make the learning easier. However, students tent to use their L1 in an exaggerated way, especially children. Additionally, they use their native tongue in several specific situations: asking for something, translating into their L1 to check if they understood an explanation, telling a joke in the class, and talking each other (Case, A. 2008)

Try writing a clearer topic sentence that focuses on perhaps the ways teachers can motivate ELLs. Students need to be motivated in order to use the target language to communicate.Your second sentence should lead right into your evidence or details. McRay, L. (1999) says students need to express their necessities even though they must do it in a different language, so expressing what they require helps as a good way of motivation. Therefore, students get encouraged to speak in the foreign language if they are asked to do it. For instance, when a student, who his native language is Spanish, needs to go to the bathroom (and he is asked to speak only English) he will probably say it in English as a result of his need. In addition, teacher must be consistent with the applied rules in the classroom which could motivate students more to use the L2 rather than their L1. You needed two citations in your body paragraph.

Finally, students could also increase their spoken skills through rewards and punishments. This is another way of motivation for avoiding the over use of their mother tongue inside the foreign language classroom. However, teachers require knowing the group profile before to make the decision about what type of motivation used for this situation.


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