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Martin Luther King

  • Research Question: What makes Martin Luther King a big man and the leader of the African American people?
  • Teacher's Name: Nellie Deutsch
  • School Name: High School Ort Guttman
  • Your Name: Yakov Simo
  • Date: 26\01\2009


My topic is about Doctor Marthin Luther King. My research question is What make Marthin Luther King a big human an the leader of the African American people. What he did that make him so well known in public?

Purpose of the project

I choose Martin Luther King because he is one of the most estimated man in the world. He is one of the reason that black and white man can be at the same place together and sit together, this are somethings that seen for us ridiculous but before 50 years it seen impossible. He is the one who fight to give human rights to the black people, who fight to make some equality between black man and white man.


Well I read a few chapters from his wonderful book the autobiography on his life, and I read about him from some sites on the internet.

The Life of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King born in 1929 at Georgia, u.s to Martin Luther King the father and to Alberta Williams King. He study sociology and systematic theology at "Boston University",he get a doctoral at theology and he began to be an american pastor. In 1953 when he was 24 years old he married to Coretta Scott and they had 4 kids. At those years america was absolutely different black man and white man could not sit at the same bench it calld "Racial segregation".

The racism

In those years the the time was hard for the black people because the racism difficult. Black Men's don't got the same paid on the same job and the white man's got more paid. At the education in the high level the places was limited not because wisdom it was limit because the Politics and Society this situation calld "Numerus Clausus". The racism was hurtful there was a few university just for white people even in the settlement was a racism those two "groups" were split i mean that was a hood that only white people can live there. To the white people were a few organizations who dont very like the black people or we can say very hate them. On of the organization was the "Ku Klux Klan" they do very things to the blacks people. The "KKK" killd the black people by burnd them,this events were especially at the south.

The Struggle of a Leader

In 1955 were a big excommunication because a black woman dont evacuate his place on the bus to a black man. At the excommunication mrthin's house were blast by racists. The excommunication were a year untill the Supreme Court of the United States stop it when they decided that the separating on the bus will stop and black and white people can sit at the same places. this is a began for the next. Dr Marthin founded the organization who calld SCLC - Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This organization stop the racism and they made the unpossible and gave to the black people the "Human rights" and the equality social. In 1963 Dr King speak on of the biggest speech of the history that calld "I Have A Dream". In 1968 he shot and the civil rights leader gone. All those acts make King a big person and big leadr.


  • What solutions or conclusions have you come to.

In my project I learned that black people and white people can live the life together without racism and discrimination and this is my conclusions.


Dr Martin Luther King is one of the biggest leader to the black people. His Activity to give the civil rights to the black people and to given them the Human rights from racism situation made him a big leader.


When I started to write the project i choose Dr King because he is a big person who make the situation in u.s that they living her today without the racism. I love his history and the process that i passd when i write it was very good becouse i read his book and i know alot on the history therefore my work worked good without any problems and i learn that today we dont need to fight we, need to live our life in peace and love.


His speech "I have a dream" --Nellie Deutsch 22:47, 11 March 2009 (UTC) this is a wrong url 

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Marthin Luther King autobiography

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