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Welcome to Wcdsugpy World

Welcome to WikiEducator. This is the page where my ravings on the usefulness of open source matters will appear. I hope that WikiEducator will continue to develop into a mature open source technology and will be officially adopted into all the Commonwealth Schools on the planet.

Some Open Source Technologies

It is a fact that open source technology is already being used by people offices, schools and at Universities in Papua New Guinea. Below is a list of some popular ones.

  • Firebox browser
  • OpenOffice document preparation
  • Ubuntu Linux Desktop
  • Multimedia
    • Totem movie viewer
    • Rhythym Music Box
    • Evince pdf viewer

So there is really no reason to fear the use of the open source technology. However for the sake of the pessimist let us look at the three common words that are often used in the discussion involving the use of open source technology. These words are:

  1. F for Fear
  2. U for Uncertainty
  3. D for Doubt

We will now look at each of these issues individually

  1. F for Fear

In the context of PNG economy there is the fear that the PNG computing environment is not driven by open source technology. There is shown by the absence of courses on open source software or only a handful of courses are available and when it is offered it is usually the specialist who attend. For majority of the people the use of open source software is not necessary in securing a job.

The other argument that instills fear in the minds of people who are computer literate is the familiarity that they already have developed in the use of non-open source software. Thus the amount of migration that needs to be done in migrating the thousands

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