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/University of Goroka in PNG

Personal Details:


Komhiol Teng Waninga



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Current Occupation:

Lecturer in Curriculum Studies

Head of Department


University of Goroka

P.O.Box 1078

Goroka, 441

Eastern Highlands Province

Papua New Guinea


(675) 731 1819


(675) 732 2620


My Work

I have worked at the University for the last three years. The first year I was recruited as a temporary lecturer. In the second year I was given a contract for three years. In the third year the University promoted me to take up the position of the Head of Department in the Education Faculty of Curriculum and Teaching. I also have other added responsibilities such as the In-service Coordinator for the academic program.

My Community

The university is established on a hill to the north of the township of Goroka. It is surrounded by three villages. The local communities are very friendly and often show their concern and pride for the primier teacher education institution in Papua New Guinea. The university has a very cordial relationship with the surrounding communities. To date there has not been any incidents since I was there in the last couple of years. The students also maintain their good relationship with the surrounding communities.

The University of Goroka

The University of Goroka is the only higher teacher education institution in Papua New Guinea which offer programs for pre-service students who will be teaching at both high and secondary schools. It also offer in-service programs for both primary and secondary teachers. The university has also started to offer postgraduate courses in Education, Science and Humanities. The institution has over 1800 graduate and postgraduate students currently studying in the different fields of Education.

The University has been fortunate to receive government funding to boost it infrastractural developments. The institution has recently received a K30 million dormitory project for the females. It will be six story building that will have rooms for females, common TV rooms, tutorial blocks and other facilities. The university has long term plans to have similar buildings of this magnitude for males.

One of the long term goals for the university is to increase the number of intakes from other neighbouring such as Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Kiribati. It aims to be the primier institution for teacher education programs in PNG and the rest of the Pacific countries.

Postgraduate Programs

Master of Education
Bachelor of Education with Honours
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Master of Arts - Melenesian Perspectives
Bachelor of Arts with Honours
Diploma in Physical Education
Diploma in Natural Science
Diploma in Applied Science

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Education - Pre-service and Inservice
Diploma in Teaching Physical Education
Diploma in Agriculture Education
Diploma in Health Education
Diploma in Health Teaching
Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education
Diploma in Business Studies Education


/HIV/AIDS Policy at University of Goroka