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This page is for having a play around:
  • just to see the effects of different wiki codes and
  • to have a record of the work I have done for the tutorials

DAY 6 Working with images

Activity 1 - Adding an image already on WikiEducator

Message pad.jpg

Activity 2 - Uploading an image and then adding to page

Sandy 40px.jpg

Activity 3 - Adding a gallery

Activity 4 - Adding a thumbnail

This is not my first thumbnail

Activity 5 - Framed image, left aligned, with caption

This is my image. However, if you want to brush up on old Wikieducator news, go here.

Activity 6 - Practising adding images

Two Lorikeets I snapped on the Central Coast - cheeky little ....
Baby Kookaburra fluffing his feathers

Activity 6 - Adding other media

pdf copy of my profile made on WikiEducator
This simple file was originally developed in Word 2007 but saved as an open document
Recorded in Audacity and converted to mp3

DAY 5 Links to other pages

Activity 1 - Adding a new page

My Wiki Editing Tools Page

Activity 2 - Adding an external link or [1] or Google

Activity 3 - Adding an inter-Wiki link

wiktionary:Main Page or or wiktionary:Education or Definition of Education from Wiktionary

DAY 4 Editing the wiki

Activity 1 - Bold and Italics

This word is bold and this word is italics.

Activity 2 - Bullet Points

  1. Learn about editing
    1. Editing text
      • Bold
      • Italic
      • Bold and Italic
    2. Adding Headings
  2. Pages
    1. Adding a page
      • My sandbox page

DAY 3 Basic Editing

A page exists in one of two states or modes:

  1. The published mode - the view you are looking at right now; or
  2. The editing mode - which you use when editing text on the wiki.

DAY 2 Personalising preferences and Introduction

Introduction on Discussion thread

DAY 1 Learning about Wiki's

If you leave a space between the left margin and when you start to type, you will get a blue box around your text

Activity 1 - Introduce self on Discussion board and answer wiki questions

A pdf Copy of my discussion activity on Day 1