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Learning4Content There are new approaches to learning due to theimplementation of new technologies. These have benefited to lots of people in different ways, and at the same time bringing along some disadvantages as well. The online learning, for example, has helped millions of people to get access to education, even if they are found in remote places. Online learning materials have attracted many people in continuing their studies through this mode of education. They can plan their studies according to their time available and no pressure is being exerted on them. They learn to become independent individuals, whereby even passive and timid people can express themselves and develop their personality into that of a more mature, less dependent and active human being. Blogs, forums, and online assistance are a plus for them, where this virtual community can enhance their understanding of this new world.
On the other hand, in order to get access to this facility, we definitely have to get access to the internet. Unfortunately, many people are deprived of this facility, hence creating an obstacle to proceed further. Some people find it difficult to cope with this mode of learning because they have been used to the conventional type of learning where spoon feeding was mostly prevalent. Sitting in front of a computer or laptop for several hours maybe quite boring and it may also lead to health problems associated with the back or the eyes.
But in general, online learning has proved to be beneficial to education as well as for different fields. Its contributions have been increasing and it would not be surprising to notice one day that education will be entirely computerized,where online forums and blogs will act as virtual classrooms.