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I am Wajiihah Emambokus, from the island of Mauritius. I am 29 yrs old, married and mother of a 3yrs old boy.

Professional background:

I work as an educator in a college, situated in the South of the country. I am also involved in my own company, dealing in mobile phone and computer repairs and unlocking, where I am one of the directors concerned. I have already worked as an educator in a college situated in the North of the country, and now I am working in another college, where my experience is totally different from the previous one. I got to deal with students who are of a background, not favorable to their education and personality development. I give free tuitions to students who are in need.


BA Psychology and French; certificate in HIV care and counselling, specialization in child psychology, from the University of South Africa. Other courses: computer word and spreadsheet courses, Alliance Francaise. Current studies: Masters in Educational Technologies at the University of Mauritius.

My interests:

Personal: I love to surf on the net, listening to music that fits my mood, watching horror movies, getting involved in my company and above all looking after my son!!

Professional: I simply like my job, and being an educator, I think that I have lots to offer and also lots to learn from students, and therefore be in a better situation to help them. The fact that I got to deal with students coming from various backgrounds, helped me to understand the psychology behind trying to get hold of their attention and appreciate us the way we have to offer our knowledge to them. It is rather difficult to do this, but it is exactly like dealing with new pre-primary students. Several methods are used to make them feel at ease, and fortunately, the teachers are hard working and stubborn enough in achieving their aim; to make these students succeed both in their academic field and in the outside world as well... Teachers are the second parents of all these children coming to school or colleges. We are there to incorporate certain values and it these values that will help them progress in life...

My Sandbox: