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Here is where I will learn to use WikiEducator, without making a total fool of myself. I will learn to use the italics and bold features, and ... add a photograph. Of me or my recent trip to Southern Sudan, where I worked with staff from prison service of S Sudan.

  • Southern Sudan prison service
    • need for educational resources
  • aboriginal communities in British Columbia
    • need for educational resources
  • self-directed adult learners
    • need for educational resources

  1. For those interested in my work in Southern Sudan (or for those who are not sure where Southern Sudan is) click here:

  • And here I am learning to create an internal link: Learning4Content
  • And here I am learning to create a descriptive link to my teaching and learning centre
  • And here I'm creating an internal link to the course content because I keep losing it:

  • And here I am creating internal wiki links to a page about snakes

Inserting images from wikimedia commons

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