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small government, lower taxes, more freedom, individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, noninterventionist foreign policy, educational and political activity

know your enemies, power rightfully exercised, advocating real change, less/limit government,


  • activist / activism, libertarian, reasonable, informed
  • democracy, representative government, smaller constitutional government, personal freedom, sound economy
  • organizations - similar mission, shared values - delicious - activism, libertarian; linked-in, facebook, groups
  • news - aggregate highlights from other sources, original commentary, email subscriptions, weekly distribution - issues, action items, events
  • name, domain, post frequency / weekly
  • style - informed, rational, restrained, committed, persistent,


Topics - research statements, facts, point of view, backers, political agenda

  • Marin / California issues - SMART train
  • US$, trade, NAFTA, immigration, global economy, deficit, foreign bond holding, oil, gold
  • government corruption, lack of representation, lobbying
  • regulation failure - mortgage, banking, insurance
  • Federal Reserve - audit
  • Wall Street money grab, SEC failure to act
  • economic policies and disastrous consequences
  • healthcare
  • military - defense spending, troop surge
  • government spending, waste, fraud, entitlement, earmarks
  • Socialized, Government-run Medicine that would not only include astronomical tax hikes, but would give big government bureaucrats decision-making power over virtually EVERY medical decision
  • The Cap and Tax scheme that would drive already sky-high energy costs through the roof, massively hike taxes on hardworking Americans and give the Federal Government unprecedented control over the economy
  • Audit the Fed, so the American people can finally see the corruption and economic devastation caused by a handful of bankster bureaucrats
  • PATRIOT Act renewal, and the new, even more DANGEROUS ID Bill that would not only allow the government to listen to phone calls and monitor internet accounts, but would mandate Americans get a federally-approved ID card complete with an RFID tracking device
  • big government - employees, boards, commissions get pay checks, benefits, raises, paid vacations; inside government just tax, borrow or print money when they need it. Those outside are happy to ride the taxpayer gravy train with their bailouts, their welfare checks, and their bloated government contracts.